5 ways that mobile data make your day


Searching for information, viewing webinars, saving files in the cloud, sharing documents with colleagues, videoconferencing, etc., all while travelling. Twice as much mobile data can give your daily productivity a real boost.

You use mobile data more often than you realise. Actually, you can no longer do without mobile data, as illustrated by these five situations:


1. Travelling on business

While on a business trip you naturally want to read your e-mails, consult and upload files. With the double data volume of Shape & Fix you can surf without worries, even abroad, so your business trips will go even more smoothly.


2. Ordering things fast

You’re a technician working on solving a problem at a customer´s facility, and you realise you´re missing a vital spare part. You quickly look on your tablet for which construction market has this part in stock and the location of their nearest store. Or maybe the printer´s ink cartridge is empty? You immediately order a new cartridge with your smartphone, and it´s there by the next morning.


3. Access to information from anywhere

Twice as much data on your smartphone assures carefree surfing. View webinars to learn new things, make back-ups of your files in the cloud and share documents with your colleagues via Dropbox,, from wherever you are.


4. Communicate with colleagues

Use your smartphone to communicate with your colleagues in any way you prefer. Choose instant messaging for a quick question, VoIP in order to speak with someone or videoconferencing to attend meetings remotely, wherever you may be.


5. In the car

There are many apps that not only show you the right route, but also help you to avoid traffic jams. And thanks to warnings about speed cameras, accidents, roadworks, objects on the road, etc., you’ll arrive safely at your destination. And did you know that Coyote is included standard in Shape Ultimate, Intense and Traveller?


If you ‘re interested in a business boost as result of twice the amount of data, check out our film clips.

Don’t forget to inform your staff. Share this interesting PDF file to inform them of this extraordinary benefit so they can make the most of their double mobile data volume and surf the web carefree.

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