5G: does your company have the right devices?


5G is gradually being rolled out across the entire country. This mobile network brings a host of fresh opportunities for your business. However, to make the most of them, your staff need compatible devices. 

5G is the fifth generation of the mobile network and is the successor to the current 4G network. Compared to 4G, the new 5G offers plenty of optimisations that can create fresh opportunities, especially for businesses. The 5G network is gradually being rolled out in Belgium, and by 2025, 90% of the country should have access to this network.


What devices do I need?

To use 5G you need a compatible device. On the Orange Belgium website you will find a list of 5G-compatible phones you can check to verify whether your phone and those of your employees support 5G. Don’t worry if this is not the case. Nowadays every manufacturer has compatible devices in all price categories. As an Orange customer you can also take full advantage of your customer benefit by choosing your devices from our selection of smartphones, directly accessible via your Customer Zone. The Orange shop has an attractive offer of affordable and efficient smartphones and tablets from all leading brands including Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi. So you can be confident your smartphone has the latest innovations such as 5G support and eSIM. Moreover, the Orange shop carries devices that are suitable for a range of working environments. Does your phone need to be dustproof and waterproof, or have a large internal memory or an excellent camera? You can easily gear your choices to the needs of your employees.

In addition, you can always opt for a refurbished smartphone, giving you an affordable and environment-friendly device in perfect condition. 

What about your old devices? With our service Business Buyback, your old mobile phones can enjoy a second life, regardless of the condition.


What does the advent of 5G mean for my business?

5G brings three clear improvements. With 5G, the exchange of data is up to three times faster. In addition, the response time to connect with 5G is very short, making it a very stable and reliable network. And finally, with 5G, more users and devices can be connected at the same time. 

These three characteristics create opportunities for companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. To give just one example, 5G allows the implementation of new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. This opens up new opportunities for the real estate industry, for instance, allowing potential buyers to walk around a property even before it’s built. 5G also offers growth opportunities in countless other industries.


With the right device, 5G unlocks countless opportunities for your business. Discover if your smartphone is up to date!

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