Audio blog Cloud Telephony: on telephony and working from home


Staying reachable for customers and colleagues while remote working? That is what Cloud Telephony can do for small SMEs. 

Who answers the landline calls at the office if everyone is working from home? How can I make sure we don’t miss any calls from customers and how do my employees stay in touch?

These are just a few of the questions about remote working that occupy the minds of many managers. After all, remote working offers numerous advantages but also poses quite a few practical problems. Especially where telephony is concerned.

Our virtual switchboard Cloud Telephony is the answer to these problems. This telephony solution for small SMEs guarantees your employees can be reached on their landline, regardless of where they are working.

But reachability is far from the only advantage Cloud Telephony has to offer. Our audio blog zooms in on all aspects of this telephony solution, from the switchboard itself to the final invoice. We show how Cloud Telephony makes remote working possible, even for small businesses.


Curious about what our virtual switchboard can offer your business? Discover everything about Cloud Telephony.

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