Business Zone: get a grip on your telecom bill


As a business it is important to maintain a good overview of all expenditures, so you can intervene if necessary. For telecom expenses, our Business Zone is just the tool you need. What can this application do for your business?

With working becoming increasingly mobile, many companies are seeing a shift in their telecom expenditures. Three questions from the business world explain how Business Zone helps you keep an overview.


“Our company has recently switched to teleworking. Now we are seeing a hike in telecom expenses because some employees are constantly exceeding their bundle limits. What should we do?”

For many companies, remote working goes hand in hand with higher telecom expenditures, especially when employees use up the whole of their large data volumes. To avoid additional costs, it is important that every employee has a tariff plan or data bundle tailored to their profile. 

Business Zone lets you monitor the evolution of the monthly data usage of every employee, in detail. Does the dashboard tell you a certain employee is suddenly starting to use a lot more data? Then you can simply go to Business Zone and adjust this employee’s tariff plan or add an extra data bundle to the selected plan. 


“We’ve noticed that the amount on our telecom bill has increased but we can’t tell why. Where can we find more information?”

Mobile communication plays a key role in the modern business world and that’s why it is important to handle it as efficiently as possible. Your statement in Business Zone includes a series of standard reports that give a detailed overview of your telecom expenses. It's where you’ll find the reason for your higher bill. These reports also bring to your attention any issues that need to be dealt with immediately.


“Some of our colleagues travel abroad frequently, making a lot of international work calls. Is there any way we can examine these international costs in detail?”

ompanies that need specific information on their consumption and are unable to find it in the standard reports can use the Advanced version of Business Zone to compile their own overview. Moreover, this special reporting can be planned on a monthly basis; have Business Zone automatically email the overview to all interested parties.

Business Zone helps our customers streamline their telecom usage. Thanks to the dashboard and the overview reports they can intervene quickly wherever necessary.


Business Zone helps you monitor your telecom expenses more closely. The advanced version gives you custom-tailored reports. Interested? Contact your account manager.

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