As businesses evolve, Shape evolves with them


At Orange Belgium, we understand that businesses are constantly evolving. To continue to support the growth of your business, we have expanded the data bundles of several of our Shape formulas. Find out all about this update!

Here at Orange, we believe firmly in the power of 5G. This mobile network will make businesses more flexible and innovative in the coming years. To give your employees even more flexibility and mobility, including outside Belgium, we’ve adapted several Shape data bundles for the EU.


What has changed?

Since 3 December 2023, Shape Ultimate, Intense and Traveller now have a considerably larger data allowance in the European Union. If you use more data than your bundle allows, you will also pay less per used MB.



*If you choose Shape Ultimate within a Shape & Fix rate plan, we’ve doubled your mobile data! You get 300 GB for use in Belgium and 92 GB for use in the rest of the EU.


Are you ready to choose more mobility and flexibility for your company? You can easily switch to Shape Ultimate, Intense and Traveller in the Customer Zone.

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