Comfortable surfing: more data at full speed


Good news for Orange customers with unlimited data allowances. Orange is increasing the full-speed data volume for Shape Intense and Shape Traveller, and for National Unlimited Intense and National Unlimited Traveller from the Shape Corporate Tariff Plan. Completely free of charge. 

We are witnessing two trends among businesses with mobile employees. On one hand, there’s a growing need for mobile data. According to the latest figures from Belgian telecom regulator BIPT, the average monthly data usage in our country is increasing by more than 33 per cent every year. On the other hand, there’s also a growing need for bandwidth, including mobile bandwidth, because we are sharing and streaming growing volumes of photos and videos, even in professional contexts. Orange is catering to this growing demand for data and bandwidth.


What is Orange doing?

Activation of 4G in Shape Light formula

Good news for Shape Light customers! As a result of the data increase from 50 MB to 500 MB (or 1 GB for Shape & Fix customers), Orange is activating 4G in this formula. That means, as a Shape Light customer, you’ll enjoy a faster data connection and access to Voice over WiFi and Voice over LTE/4G services. 4G activation will take place automatically at the end of the summer.

Shape Intense and Traveller: more data at full speed

In the formulas Shape Intense and Traveller and Unlimited Intense and Traveller, we have increased the data volume available at full speed from 20 GB to 30 GB—that’s a fifty percent increase. This upgrade is entirely free of charge. Shape & Fix customers benefit from even more full speed data: thanks to our Data Bonus they can now access 60 GB of data at full speed. 


What if you use more than 30 GB?

The formulas Intense and Traveller offer unlimited data in Belgium and the EU. This means that if you exceed 30 GB your speed is reduced to 512 Kbps. But the first 30 GB are at full speed. Plus, the Traveller formula includes a handy data allowance for even more of your favourite holiday destinations. 


What can you do with the Surf Extra Card?

With the Surf Extra Card, you share the data volume of your mobile subscription with another device, such as a tablet or laptop, allowing you to work even more flexibly. With the Shape Intense and Traveller formulas, you can request this Surf Extra Card free of charge in your Customer Zone.


Want to switch to an Intense or Traveller formula? Go to your Customer Zone or contact your account manager.

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