Customer care for B2B clients: proactive teamwork


‘Over the past twenty years, I’ve seen customer follow-up change fundamentally,’ says Diederik Denaeghel from Orange. Our interview looks at how a telecom company offers its B2B clients the best in customer care.

How does a telecom company make a difference for professional clients whose needs include ICT and mobile services? Customer Care & Service Management Manager at Orange, Diederik Denaeghel, and his teams has found the answer. ‘Today, telecom companies make a difference through their people and their expertise. They provide optimal guidance for their clients,’ he believes. 


How does customer care work at Orange?

‘To provide a client with optimal support, we put together a Business Experts Team. These experts work together closely. Within the team, there’s a fixed contact person who brings the client’s every question to the appropriate expert. In this way, we build long-term relationships that are founded on trust. Such a team also includes an account manager for commercial requests and needs, a personal customer service officer for the day-to-day management of the client’s mobile fleet, and a service manager who is responsible for the customer experience, continuous monitoring and reporting. There’s also a customer project leader who coordinates all the activities for and with clients. Last but not least, a presales solution advisor proactively informs the client about new solutions and products.’


Does this proactive approach make a difference?

‘Absolutely. A proactive approach is the focus point for the service managers who follow-up and ensure the quality of the services being provided. Would a different solution be better suited to the client? If so, we present it to them. For the customer service agent, who’s a fixed point of contact for the client, a proactive approach is essential. Of course, clients are always welcome to contact us, especially in the event of technical or administrative problems. But more than ever before, the idea is that we have presented a solution, even before the client has asked for it. For example, we might inform our clients there are certain options in their bundles that they’re not using. Or we give them advice on how to get even more out of their networks. We see fewer and fewer emailed questions that are reactive in nature. This indicates that our proactive approach is working. It’s so much nicer and more efficient to provide a client with a solution before the problem even presents itself.’


In recent years, Orange has invested in apps and automated processes for clients to use themselves. Why? 

‘It’s crucial to give the client the choice. A client who wants to work with these apps can do so without a problem. Among other benefits, it allows them to analyse their own telecom and network use. If they have questions, we are of course ready to help them. There are other clients who prefer to let us do all these tasks. And that’s always a welcome option too.’ 


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