Customer care with an eye on the future


“We put the customer first.” It’s a slogan a lot of companies use. In reality, it often applies to the pre-sale contract and nothing more. At Orange, we keep improving our products and services, even after the sale has been concluded.

Products and services that work properly from day one and a personal contract with our employees: that is what we aim to offer our customers. When developing new products our teams always  ask the important questions: what does the customer need now? What will they need in the future? How can we help? Moreover, our customer service is always happy to answer your questions and give advice.


Tackling obstacles

Still, we sometimes find that not all our applications satisfy customer needs. In such cases, we identify the obstacles and remove them to the best of our ability. Sometimes this might take a while, but in the long term, it makes for a superior customer experience.


More transparent billing

We’ve had a number of complaints from new customers about Invoice Split. On the first invoice end-users receive, a small amount has been charged as standard for the period between activation and billing, even if the bundle was not exceeded. We understood this led to confusion and burdened fleet managers with extra work so we went in search of a pro rata calculation for that period. This made the initial invoice more transparent and as a result, Fleet Managers will receive fewer questions on this subject. 


Digital info

Another problem arose when companies ordered large numbers of SIM cards for their employees. The SIM cards are delivered in packs of 20. Every pack used to include a single folder with all info for new users. This meant that a large percentage of users didn’t get to see Orange’s tips and tricks. Instead of providing more information folders we decided to digitise our welcome information. Every new user now receives a text message containing all relevant information. This is a more efficient way of helping our customers—it uses less paper and is better for the future of our planet. 


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