Cyber criminals are targeting smartphones


When it comes to digital security, companies mainly invest in standard PC and network security. However, they forget that more and more cyber criminals are now exploiting their employees' tablets and smartphones as a back door to steal company data. Our infographic provides an overview of these mobile dangers.

The protection of digital assets is a major concern for businesses, and with good reason. However, they may overlook the fact that mobile devices are rapidly becoming the dominant medium of access to the internet. 60 % of all internet traffic is already taking place via smartphones and tablets (Source: — Lookout). Therefore it’s only logical for cyber criminals to see your employees' mobile devices as the ideal gateway to company data. 

Despite this growing threat, smartphones and tablets are hardly protected, even though proper security is essential for devices outside the company perimeter. This mobility is the case more and more often: 96 % of major corporations and 52 % of SMEs employ staff who work off-site in one way or another (Source: Lookout- Shred IT 2018 Report).


Orange protects your smartphone fleet and company data 

Orange puts a stop to this new form of cyber crime by including the mobile security app Lookout Premium as part of every Shape subscription. This app scans your mobile device and your data and alerts you when a possible threat is detected.

In conjunction with Check Point, the market leader in ICT security, Orange has also developed a mobile protection solution with more advanced options: MTP. Using this, corporate clients can stop worrying about the security of their smartphones and tablets.

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