Data gives companies an edge


Working with data is no longer something for the future. Companies that want to get a head start need to begin now. So says Thierry Geerts, Country Director of Google Belgium. With the data journey, Orange is there for them.

“Before long, we won't need our smartphone to get the answer to a question. Our fridge, our car... everything will be connected and be able to give us information. That's what we call ‘ambient computing’.” We spoke to Thierry Geerts, author of two books about the digital revolution and head of Google Belgium since 2011. 


Data leaders outclass data followers

Ambient computing offers a great many new opportunities. But if we want to make the most of those opportunities, Geerts says smart data analysis needs to happen soon: “For companies, now is the time to get a head start.” This is also shown in a study by research agency IDC*. The ROI on data projects by data leaders is as much as 60 % higher than that of data followers. Data leaders, according to IDC, are companies that invest in expanding data, adopting new forms of data analysis such as machine learning, introducing new performance indicators and sharing data.


The importance of strategy and support 

For data leaders and for companies wanting to become data leaders, Orange will design a strategic framework for using data efficiently and securely. “Our data journey covers every step. We look at collecting, transporting, storing, processing, analysing and sharing corporate data. Security is a common thread throughout the entire journey,” says Werner De Laet, Chief Enterprise Officer for Innovation & Wholesale at Orange Belgium. “The development of such a framework requires quite a lot of thought, but Orange's Business Experts will guide you through every step of the process. This way, we design a data journey together that's completely tailored to your business.”

* Vesset, D., Morris, H.D. & Gantz, J.F. (2014). Capturing the $1.6 Trillion Data Dividend. IDC. 


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