The European NIS Directive enters into force in Belgium. Is your business ready?


CCB, OES, CSIRT, BELAC … Alphabet soup? Or do these acronyms mean something to you? Maybe they’re keeping you awake at night? They all relate to the European NIS Directive—soon to enter into force in Belgium. You need to act now. Make sure your business complies.

What does the NIS Directive cover?

With cyberattacks increasing and the emergence of new types of malware, the EU has introduced the NIS (Network and Information Security) Directive. It aims to improve the cybersecurity of OESs (Operators of Essential Services), i.e. operators in sectors considered to be of vital national importance, such as energy, transport, financial services, healthcare, drinking water supplies and digital infrastructure. Service providers in other areas such as online sales, search engines and cloud computing services are also likely to be affected.


Will my business be affected?

If your business is part of any of the aforementioned sectors—or related sectors—it is highly likely you will be affected by this new legislation. The relevant authorities will confidentially contact you about this by 3 November. You’ll have 12 months to set out a detailed cybersecurity plan, and a further year to make this plan operational.


How can Orange help me?

As an expert in communication networks, Orange has all the competencies you need to help you comply with NIS Directive requirements. We work a plan out for your company, respecting your deadline and budget. Our experts are here to advise you on the matter and develop tailoring solutions that respond to your needs. We continue to keep our finger on the pulse. NIS guidelines continue to evolve and Orange is happy to assist your company with advice and assistance.


Cybersecurity: it's everybody's business!

Whether or not you are directly affected by the new NIS Directive, it serves as an excellent guide. Take a proactive approach and protect your systems from hackers, before it’s too late for your business or your reputation. 


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