The Fairphone 3+: what does a sustainable smartphone cost?


There’s only one mother earth. And humanity is pushing it to its limits. However, more and more people and companies, including Orange, are becoming aware of the importance of increased sustainability. 

Energy and environmental transition are central values at Orange. We limit our CO2 emissions and fully embrace recycling. In keeping with this policy we are expanding our smartphone offer with the Fairphone 3+, the latest addition to the Fairphone range from the only manufacturer in the world to carry the Fairtrade Gold label. 


The Fairphone story

Fairphone is a Dutch scale-up that aims to manufacture fair and sustainable smartphones. The company places maximum focus on designing devices with a long life cycle, with the new Fairphone 3+ using up to 45 % of recycled plastic. Fairphone only uses raw materials that are responsibly sourced and traded, such as tungsten and coltan. They also keep a close eye on working conditions. Fairphone’s approach proves that the electronics industry can be changed from within.


A novel lifestyle 

The latest technological bells and whistles. Even more power, faster speeds and relatively low price tags. Do we really want to continue down that path? Even when we are aware of the negative impact on people and the environment? Fairphone offers an alternative. Buying a Fairphone does not only mean choosing a mobile that has been manufactured under fair conditions and that has a longer service life, it also means you’re taking a step toward a new style of living and behaviour.


A better world has its price

The Fairphone 3+ is a good smartphone with decent performance and design, but the flagship models of the ‘traditional’ brands offer more bang for your buck. The difference is in the price you pay for your well-considered choice. It’s a fair price. One that dovetails with the values you aspire to, such as sustainability and corporate social responsibility. A Fairphone helps you and your staff promote these values. 


How good is the Fairphone 3+?

The Fairphone 3+ is fast, safe and reliable. In essence, this smartphone is not inferior to the competition. Moreover, it has a replaceable battery with a long service life and its rear camera (12MP) and audio modules have received an upgrade over the previous model. 

However, its standout feature is its modular design. Fairphone’s approach is based on this simple truth: the most sustainable phone is the one you use the longest. That is why it is built from modules (screen, camera, audio, etc.) that can be replaced individually. This is unique in an age where the lifespan of the average smartphone is just 24 months!


Want to make the most of the digital world in a sustainable manner? Put your money where your mouth is.  Order anything you need in your Customer Zone.

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