The five benefits of Mobile Threat Protection


Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices. Orange’s Mobile Threat Protection is the ideal solution to this problem. MTP protects your mobile fleet against unwanted visitors. 

Cyber criminals always look for the weak spots in your cyber security. More and more often, they are unable to break the local IT infrastructure. Conversely, the protection of mobile data traffic still leaves a lot to be desired. It is logical that this is the area cyber criminals like to target. 

To protect their mobile devices, Orange customers have an efficient solution within easy reach: Mobile Threat Protection (MTP).

Let’s have a look at the benefits: 


1. Simple implementation

MTP is a cloud solution that is easy to implement. There’s no need to install hardware and neither your IT infrastructure nor the performance and battery life of your mobile devices are affected. Orange is ready to help you with the seamless integration of the application into your mobile device management (MDM).


2. Warnings in case of cyber risks

Staff often bring their own devices and apps to work … but how reliable are they? MTP can play a role in this regard too. It not only detects attacks but also activates defense mechanisms that protect the devices and their content. Warnings are sent out to the user (notifications) and are also posted on the management portal (dashboard).


3. Preventive protection

In addition to permanent monitoring and warnings at various levels, MTP also ensures that your system is properly configured. By doing so, it is kept free of all kinds of vulnerabilities. At the same time, advanced techniques perform analyses that detect the access rules at the heart of your device, protecting you against the possible misuse of information. 


4. Detailed overview

The MTP dashboard gives you a real-time overview of the safety situation of your smartphone fleet. Not only do you get notifications of the threats currently facing your fleet, you can also zoom in on the details of infected devices. You can even view the risk level and the specific dangers posed by malicious apps, without infringing on the privacy of the users. 


5. Clear subscription plans

You pay a fixed subscription fee per device. There’s no need to invest in hardware or software and your IT expenditures remain under control.

MTP uses SandBlast Mobile by Check Point, a proven technology. SandBlast Mobile has the highest catch rate on the market, without compromising on speed and user satisfaction. It protects your OS, apps and network by detecting and neutralizing any cyber attack before cyber criminals can even strike.


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