Free cyberattack protection for your firm


Last year, for the first time, there were more cyberattacks against SMEs than large corporations. Lookout Premium helps you prevent your company from becoming the next victim. This powerful app is included in your Shape formula.

The number of cyberattacks around the world rose by 25% in 2023, following a 120% bump in 2022. What’s more, cybercriminals are now targeting SMEs. In 2020, some 42% of SMEs were the victim of cyberattacks, resulting in significant problems and losses. Employees working at home or on location increasingly use a mobile device to access company data, and these devices are often insufficiently protected. And cybercriminals are all too aware of this.


Free mobile security

The good news is that your employees’ mobile devices can easily be protected against cyberattacks, free of charge. Every one of Orange Belgium’s Shape formulas includes Lookout Premium, at no extra charge. Lookout Premium is the world’s leading mobile security package and the only solution that combines mobile security, safe browsing and theft protection in a single app.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.


Smart theft protection

Has one of your employees lost their device? They can instantly locate it through their online account and trigger an alarm so the device is easy to find.

What’s more, in case of theft, Lookout Premium will signal any suspicious activity, such as someone trying to enter the wrong code or remove the app. You can easily lock your device remotely or erase all the data saved on your phone to keep your business data secure.


Safe browsing and downloading regardless of your location

With Lookout Premium, your employees can safely connect to public Wi-Fi networks, regardless of their location. The app monitors the behaviour of Wi-Fi hotspots to guarantee safe connection, offers real-time protection against fraudulent websites and informs the user of any risks involving the sharing of personal data. So confidential information such as emails and passwords are always protected.

Every time an employee downloads or uses apps or an attachment, Lookout Premium first analyses them to stop threats before they can cause any damage.


Always up to speed

Lookout Premium reports on the most recent corporate attacks. So you will know immediately if your favourite apps and websites have been compromised since you last used them.


Download Lookout Premium for free via the My Orange App.

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