Galaxy XCover Pro: Samsung sets a new standard in rugged smartphones


Samsung sets a new standard in the fast-growing segment of rugged smartphones with the new Galaxy XCover Pro. This sturdy device offers not just everything you need, but everything you expect too. But the cherry on top? It’s the exchangeable battery. The exchangeable battery. A clever touch that proves Samsung understands that particular market.

If you work in a tough environment, such as (road) construction or in a factory, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on a trendy smartphone that won’t last a week. You’re better off with a so-called rugged or robust smartphone: it will stand up to rough handling, it’s water- and dustproof and reliable under all circumstances. Samsung is the champion of the rugged smartphone world. They prove themselves once again with the new Galaxy XCover Pro.


Exchangeable battery

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Galaxy XCover Pro is something no other contemporary phone is offering right now: an exchangeable battery. You have cordless drill drivers, orbital sanders, angle grinders and other electric power tools that all have spare batteries. Why not your smartphone too? At a worksite, you don’t always have the time or opportunity to charge your mobile. An exchangeable battery is just what the doctor ordered.


Game changer​​​​​​​

In addition, the Galaxy XCover Pro is a cutting-edge smartphone offering the specifications and functionalities you need. How does it stack up against the revamped XCover 4S from last year? The Pro offers 64 GB of internal memory, 4 GB of RAM and comes with an edgeless 6.3” screen made of version 5 Gorilla Glass. You get elegant design with high impact resistance. The device runs on the Android 10 and Samsung One UI 2.0 environments most users are familiar with. The XCover Pro is also exceptionally user-friendly: thanks to the enhanced touch functionalities you don’t even have to remove your work gloves to use your phone.


Military-grade testing​​​​​​​

A device used at worksites, in factories, on drilling platforms, in petrochemical installations, and in logistics terminals needs to be adapted to extreme circumstances. And the XCover Pro has an impressive list of credentials. For starters, this rugged smartphone has passed all MIL-STD-810G tests with flying colours. This involves 21 military-grade tests that determine resistance against extreme temperatures, mechanical shocks and vibrations, low pressure at altitude, etc. In addition, the XCover Pro survived repeated drop tests onto solid concrete from a height of 1.5 metres. Finally, its IP68 rating proves it is dust-, mud- and sand-resistant and able to withstand immersion in 1.5 metres of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.


Orange offers the XCover Pro in the Enterprise Edition, which includes the following extras:

  • A two-year product lifecycle warranty;

  • Four years of program and security updates

  • Four years of Knox Configure licences. Knox Configure protects your company devices and makes sure all your smartphones share the same software (e.g. start screen, connection possibilities and ringtone).

  • Four years of Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air service (E-FOTA). E-FOTA gives you control of the update schedules and operating system versions on your employees’ devices. As the administrator you can plan, push and test updates prior to their implementation.


Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Enterprise Edition is included in the Hardware Bonus Programme for Shape Ultimate, Traveller and Intense


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