Generate more business value with data analytics


Data is the new gold. Orange gives you access to a new source of data, including the accompanying analyses. They help you to develop new products and services, upgrade your customer experience and boost your operational efficiency.

According to IDC, companies that base their approaches on detailed data boast a 60 % higher ROI than companies that are not up to speed with the latest data analytics. Being well-versed in big data translates into a higher turnover, lower costs and higher productivity.

This is because data analytics provide you with the tools to:

  • Boost your operational efficiency
  • Get to know your customers, prospects and competitors better
  • Enhance your customer experience by segmenting and approaching your customers in a more targeted manner
  • Generate added value through new products and/or services.


Ready for use

Orange offers companies ready-to-use information aggregated from data attained via the mobile network. Think about rush-hour identification, the duration of visits to a specific location or people flows at large events.

This approach does not require you to install sensors or cameras. It is also faster and cheaper than the classic street interviews. Moreover, the data is available 24/7, wherever you are. 


Respect for privacy

Leading players from the tourist, transport, events, security and warehousing industries are already using data analytics to optimise their activities. It is all done in accordance with Belgian privacy legislation: the network data used is anonymised and cannot be traced back to specific individuals.


Maximum value

Moreover, we will not leave you out in the cold. Orange has many years of experience with the analysis of data flows in various industries. Before the launch of the implementation our business experts take you through the usual indicators so you can retrieve the right information from the data. They also explain the analysis to you in great detail. They will be on call for up to twelve months after the analysis, ready to help you with clarification. This way you are guaranteed maximum value from the analyses.

Interested in data analytics? Watch this video:

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