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More and more businesses are trading fixed workstations for a new, hybrid way of working: employees work partly at home and partly in the office. However, the resulting flexibility on the work floor complicates matters behind the scenes.

Due to our modern, more flexible way of working, the use of mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones has skyrocketed. The fact that these devices are often from different brands doesn’t make things easier.


Complex management, security and support

In itself, this context doesn’t have to pose any insurmountable problems. But companies not only have to buy all these devices and prepare them for use, they also have to manage them and provide the necessary support throughout their life cycle. That’s quite the challenge for their IT team, not least because mobile users can encounter problems with their devices after office hours too.

With work increasingly becoming a hybrid activity that takes place both at the office and at home, private tools and applications are starting to make their appearance in the work environment – a personal Google Drive for file storage, for instance. In addition the IT team often has to support devices that are owned by the employee (BYOD), which requires a flexible policy. Managing and supporting these so-called shadow IT activities is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible. It also entails considerable security risks.



Companies that have to manage hundreds or even thousands of these mobile devices are losing time, energy and money that would be better spent on other, less operational tasks. Thanks to Hardware Comfort by Orange, they can stop this waste of resources.

Hardware Comfort is a highly automated portal solution that covers the full life cycle of all your mobile devices. It enables you to:

  • Order and configure new devices
  • Activate and manage mobile subscriptions for these devices
  • Monitor the status of these devices in real time
  • Provide support for their users
  • Repair or replace defective devices
  • Recycle devices at the end of their life cycle


The majority of these tasks are performed automatically thanks to integration with the Active Directory and the mobile device management (MDM) of your business. This integration also means every employee is automatically assigned the proper user rights. Their devices are configured with the right profile and they can access all those tools using the same login data.


Self-service portal for staff

Depending on the profile and access rights a user is assigned, they can also carry out a number of management and support tasks themselves, such as activating a mobile subscription, ordering a new device or creating a service ticket for the repair or replacement of a defective device. As such, Hardware Comfort can also act as a self-service portal for your employees. At the same time, they can now submit all their problems and questions to our help desk, which is part of the Hardware Comfort offer. Our specialists are available after hours to provide any assistance they need.

Your employees benefit from the best of both worlds, while we guarantee maximum unburdening for your IT team. Those scarce, expensive employees can now focus on tasks that create more added value for your business.



Curious to find out what Hardware Comfort can do for your company? In a personal workshop with a demonstration, we’ll discuss the possibilities for your business, free of obligation.


Make an appointment or read more about Hardware Comfort in our whitepaper.

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