Hardware Comfort: a new weapon in the war for talent


With talent becoming scarcer and more demanding, it’s more important than ever to keep your employees happy. With Hardware Comfort, Orange delivers an extra weapon in the battle to preserve and even augment this job satisfaction.

Consulting firm Deloitte has calculated that, by 2025, millennials – those born in the 1980s and 90s – will constitute 75 percent of the job market1. This dominant Generation Y has different career expectations and makes higher demands of employers.


Hybrid working

At the very top of the millennial’s wish list is usually greater flexibility. Translated to the work floor, this comes down to the possibility to work in a hybrid way: not only on a desktop PC in the office, but also on a mobile device at home and when travelling. And not just during office hours.

A survey by the Gartner consulting firm in 20202 supports this finding: only 1 in 10 people wants to work exclusively in the office, with the others preferring to work remotely – either entirely or partially.

In a more recent study by Gartner3, more than half of the respondents clearly indicate that being able to work flexibly plays a role in deciding whether to remain with an employer. They found that 9 out of 10 employees who work remotely see their productivity going up – or in any case, not going down4.


Mobile tools and policies

If flexibility truly is the key to attracting fresh talent and keeping your existing employees happy and productive, then of course you can turn that to your advantage in your personnel policy. For example, you can allow or make available devices – such as laptops, tablets and smartphones – that facilitate this new, hybrid way of working.

However, allowing your employees to freely choose where, when and on which devices they work also has a downside: this freedom of choice often leads to a proliferation of devices and rising complexity in their management and security. With Hardware Comfort, we are offering a new, highly automated total solution that enables you to effectively and adequately manage this increasing number of devices. This can also be done in part by your employees themselves, depending on the rights they are granted on the basis of their security role and job profile. So you can smoothly manage several mobile policies from a single solution.


Cafeteria plan and onboarding

Thanks to Hardware Comfort, you can fulfil your employees’ wishes and desires better than ever. A cafeteria plan lets you allocate each employee a personal budget in accordance with their profile. They can then use that budget at their own discretion for the fringe benefits of their choice. Within this framework you can, for example, also offer different types or brands of mobile devices. Your employee chooses their favourite, after which we handle the follow-up. From purchase and installation to repair and recycling: with Hardware Comfort, we take responsibility for the entire service life of your devices.

As the icing on the cake, Hardware Comfort also accelerates the onboarding or start-up of new employees – not to be sniffed at in these times of obligatory working at home. So your new colleagues can start working effectively from day one.



Curious about what Hardware Comfort could mean for your company? We would be delighted to discuss the possibilities for you and your employees in a personal, no-obligation workshop.


Make an appointment for a no-obligation workshop or read more about Hardware Comfort in our whitepaper.


1 Big demands and high expectations. The Deloitte Millennial Survey. Deloitte, 2014

2 Improving Employee Engagement Survey, Gartner, 2020

3 Future of Work Reinvented, Gartner, 2021

4 European Mobile & Remote Working Survey, EMEA, 2021

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