How to get a handle on your entire company network?


The network is at the heart of any company. Investments in security and backup are self-evident, but you can also take things one step further. End-to-end visibility maps out every process and is a targeted way of enhancing network performance.

What is end-to-end visibility?

End-to-end visibility gives an IT manager or general manager an overall insight into the entire IT infrastructure of an SME. How do users connect with the network? Which devices do they use and how are they protected? What do they use the network for and which applications come into play? End-to-end visibility shows how end users (employees, partners, customers …) use your company’s network on a daily basis.


What are the benefits of end-to-end visibility?

End-to-end visibility maps out the internal processes within your company. What are the needs and what processes are open to improvement? This information enables you to continuously optimise the user experience on your network.
In addition, end-to-end visibility makes it clear what kind of behavior is ‘normal’ and what kind deviates. This makes it easier to pinpoint a malfunction or identify the weak spots cyber criminals can exploit to access your network.


How does Orange Belgium create end-to-end visibility?

Orange Belgium designs tailor-made solutions to transparently map out network traffic using automatic data analysis, creating a unique network topology. This  topology describes all physical components of a network and the connections that exist between them, enabling your IT team to know the network down to the smallest detail. As a result, problems are detected and solved very quickly, minimising network downtime and eliminating recurrent performance issues.


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