Hybrid working: what is the impact on your organisation?


Today's employees want to be able to work at home and the office. But what impact does this have on your organisation and how do you combine this with a customer-focused omni-channel approach? Find out in our whitepaper.

Home, hub, headquarters. If it were up to the employees, they would combine different workplaces, depending on the task at hand. In theory, hybrid working sounds like an ideal solution, but for many companies it is quite the challenge.

For example, your customers increasingly assume they can contact your employees both online and offline. But how do you ensure this omni-channel approach also works in case of teleworking? What is the impact on your IT processes? Which tools do you need to allow your employees to collaborate efficiently and remain available to your customers via various channels? 

Our whitepaper looks at the impact of teleworking on your organisation and gives you practical guidelines on how to organise hybrid working efficiently.


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