The IoT as the driving force behind ‘smart cities’


Telecom operators can help shape the smart cities of tomorrow. Together with partners and policy makers we are mobilising our network and the IoT towards creating safer, liveable and green cities. KanaalZ shows how Orange is already investing heavily in the future. 

Recent technological developments have made the gamut of possibilities the IoT has to offer much more accessible and feasible. What’s more, today, concrete applications are replacing the distant future at breakneck speed.


3 reasons for the IoT’s momentum

It seems like today things are evolving faster than ever. Thanks to new network technologies such as the LTE-M network Orange uses specifically for communication between machines, we are now able to connect more objects than ever. Moreover, the sensors have become smaller and less expensive and therefore more accessible. And finally, the data they capture is faster and easier to make available to companies.


Network operators as a driving force

Peter Ballon, director of the imec - SMIT research group at VUB university, sees a clear task for network operators, viz. to make the cities of tomorrow even smarter. The video illustrates how Orange is fulfilling that role today.


The Orange eco campus for innovation

The IoT has been a priority for Orange for many years. That is because we are convinced that the IoT can not just make the world of tomorrow smarter, but also safer, greener and more comfortable. We feel we have a task to help create a high-performing and open basic infrastructure for the Iot. Kanaal Z came to film our Orange Gardens in Paris.


And the future?

The IoT can improve manufacturing processes and provide solutions to environment, energy, criminality, health care and education issues. Here at Orange we will be implementing numerous new applications within the next two to three years. Where things will stand a decade from now remains to be seen, although we do predict a significant growth in terms of mobility and security.

Curious to find out what the IoT can do for your business? Would you like more details on our research at Orange Gardens in Paris? We’ll be glad to oblige.



Kanaal Z will also feature other concrete IoT projects. Click here to watch the compilation of this series of reports.

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