A mobile formula for every staff member


Your salespeople who are always on the road have different needs to your administrative personnel who spend the day in the office. With the new Shape solution, you optimise your telecommunications using six individual mobile formulas.


Up-front flexibility with Shape

Your staff members call and use the Internet in different ways. By choosing an appropriate formula for each staff member, you can be sure that everyone will communicate in the most efficient manner.


Mobile data for everyone

Paying exceptional extra costs for mobile Internet access is often not the way to go. That’s why every formula automatically includes mobile Internet data. Would you like something a touch faster? Choose a mobile plan that includes 4G.


Unlimited calls and SMS messages

If you have staff members who make more than an average number of calls, you’re best off giving them a formula that includes unlimited calls. Such as Shape Ultimate. You’ll never have to worry about attracting extra costs for exceeding the number of included calling minutes.


International telephone calls

Do you have employees who are often making calls to or from abroad? We understand you don’t want to have to pay for unlimited calls. It’s why our plans with international calling minutes and roaming are your passport to satisfied simplicity.


Easy upgrades

Every successful business grows, often faster than you might expect. Exactly why your telecommunications plan can’t be allowed to hold you back. With Shape, your plans are easy to upgrade. So you’ll never feel restricted.


Learn about the above and many other benefits of Shape, the complete mobile solution for companies from Orange. Shape Ultimate costs just 32 euros per month and includes 6 GB of 4G data and unlimited calls and text messages. And there is more: all Shape formulas now include Data Bonus, which offers twice as much mobile data each month without any price increase. Click here to learn all there is to know.

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