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Over 80 percent of all cards used via Orange Belgium for the Internet of Things (IoT) are permanently located abroad. One third of Orange Belgium’s IoT customers are located abroad. TNS is one such foreign client and partner who works closely with Orange. “We share the same philosophy”. 

The transport industry, the consumer industry and payment specialists. These are just a few examples of sectors that use large quantities of SIM cards for their devices. Orange works closely with specialists from these various industries. Global payment network provider TNS is a prime example.


Partner for five years

TNS connects the point of sales terminals, on the one hand, with financial institutions and their processes, on the other. A textbook example is the payment terminal in a restaurant where you pay with your card. “In the overall transaction process, we account for the network element and the accompanying security”, says TNS production manager Dave Gibson.

TNS works closely with Orange Belgium and calls upon their Internet of Things solution. Orange Belgium provides the SIM cards for the devices (ranging from payment terminals to wireless routers) managed by TNS. TNS also uses the IoT platform offered by Orange because it enables them to manage the SIM cards themselves via a web portal and APIs. “We’ve been working with Orange Belgium for five years”, Dave Gibson continues.


Half a million cards

Worldwide, TNS manages some 500,000 SIM cards. Although the company also works with other parties, Orange Belgium is a key partner. “The partnership primarily involves a number of projects in Europe and several others in Asia. In addition, TNS and Orange Belgium will be launching a project in North America in the immediate future”, Dave Gibson adds.

Dave Gibson sees several reasons for the long-term collaboration with Orange. “We share the same philosophy. It’s a combination of service quality and responsiveness. That makes TNS and Orange a good fit”.

As an example, Dave Gibson cites TNS’s direct access to the management platform and monitoring system of Orange Belgium. “If anything happens to the network anywhere in the world, we can also see it in our network operation center. This is extremely important in terms of the service we provide to our own customers because we can notify them instantly. Orange offers a direct link with their monitoring system. We see what they see”.

Another example is the ongoing development of the management platform Orange Belgium offers. “Not only do we use this platform intensively, we are also involved in its continued development. As a client and partner, Orange takes into account our future requirements, developments and functions. It’s a genuine partnership and we work together closely. They truly listen to what we have to say”.



Moreover, customers obviously expect telecoms companies to work with specialists (such as TNS) and integrators, like Orange does through its open platform. The partnership with TNS clearly illustrates this. The close collaboration with Orange makes it possible for TNS to (further) improve its customer experience. And the functions that TNS and Orange develop together for the platform also benefit TNS customers.

Market studies have also shown the need for collaboration. A recent study by Beltug in conjunction with the leading Belgian telecoms companies including Orange, reveals that many customers opt for a specialist or integrator. Customers expect the expertise of a specialist. On top of this, a specialised partner also enables them to better gear the solution to their business needs.


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Source: BELTUG, Belgian Association of Digital Technology Leaders, ICT Market Trends Survey, 2016

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