Orange adds security app Lookout to Shape


Mobile working increases your and your employees’ productivity. Yet, malware and other cyber risks are everywhere. Orange takes action to reverse this trend: from now on, the Shape tariff plans include the Lookout Premium security app.

In 2018, almost 57% of global internet traffic used mobile devices. At the same time, the volume of malware targeting smartphones also increased dramatically. SMEs are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. 42% of SMEs worldwide have already been attacked by malware. A large and rapidly growing form of malware is ransomware. It denies victims access to a device until a ransom is paid. One in every five small businesses attacked had to close because of the impact on their business operations and income. 

Another problem is phishing. Did you know that 91% of all cyberattacks start with a phishing email? And that – despite all warnings – 85% of phishing emails are opened? Because phishing content can infect your smartphone through several channels (WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc.) and URLs are not always visible on a smartphone, phishing attempts are difficult to detect.


How secure is mobile internet?

The security of mobile devices is lagging behind the exponential increase in mobile internet traffic. You have undoubtedly built a solid firewall around your employees' PCs and laptops. But are their smartphones and tablets protected by the same type of security? You may not need to look far for an answer. No more than 4% of SMEs consider themselves adequately prepared for a mobile cyberattack. 


Orange takes action

To reverse this trend, we are taking the lead in mobile security. You’ll now have access to Lookout Premium as a standard inclusion – and at no extra cost – with your Shape tariff plan. Lookout Premium is the worldwide number one in the protection of smartphones against cyberattacks. The Lookout platform uses a global sensor network and artificial intelligence to identify real risks in complex patterns. 


This is what Lookout does for you and your employees:

  • It alerts you of any unsafe Wi-Fi networks.
  • It uses a VPN to ensure secure browsing on any network.
  • It offers protection against app-based threats.
  • It stops malware via email, websites and messenger services.
  • It assesses the security smartphones, which may be at risk, for example, because of outdated operating systems.
  • It locates and blocks smartphones in the event of loss or theft.
  • It monitors security breaches and alerts you if your apps have been compromised.

The Lookout app has now been installed on 170 million devices. Lookout has already scanned more than 60 million apps and is currently scanning 90,000 more every day. On average, Lookout checks around 1,200 links per device per day. Since 2011, 56% of Lookout users have clicked on a phishing link. They were all successfully protected thanks to the Lookout app.

Lookout Premium will be included in Shape as of July 2019. There is no action required from you at the moment. We will send you a text message as soon as you can activate the app via My Orange.


Give yourself peace of mind. Find out more about Shape and Lookout in this video:

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