Orange clients have even better service, all thanks to Salesforce


With Salesforce as a technology partner, Orange offers its clients better service. Previous needs, opportunities, challenges and more are all available on our representatives’ tablets. The result? More efficiency and a better follow-up.


Orange is the second biggest mobile operator in Belgium and Luxembourg. The company offers the B2B market fixed telephony and broadband Internet through the DSL network, provides integrated communication solutions and markets a wide range of mobility and connectivity services. This for SOHO, SME and corporate market. Stephane Beauduin: Chief Enterprise and Wholesales Officer: "The telecoms industry is traditionally a very dynamic and disruptive market. Consequently, speed, flexibility and quality were and are the three main distinct components to win customer minds."


Sales Cloud is a key enabler for our B2B market.

Stéphane Beauduin, Chief Enterprise and Wholesales Officer



"At Orange, everything starts with the customer", says Beauduin. "Answering questions and needs of our diversified customer base is our expertise, daily work and challenge. Our sales channel touch points are one of the key enablers for our customer satisfaction or even customer delight."

 Dominique De Paul, Director Business Transformation adds: "Our distribution platform comprises both direct and indirect sales channels. Both sales channels use different customer relationship systems. To correctly anticipate market changes, it was necessary to integrate those systems and to have up-to-date, measurable data. That multichannel solution would give our customers a seamless, channel-independent experience."


Best customer service

After formulating a ‘Request for Proposal’ (RFP), Salesforce was chosen as a technology partner. De Paul: "There were several reasons for choosing Salesforce. First, the user-friendliness and intuitive way of working of the solution that secured widespread adoption with very little training. Salesforce was, secondly, also very easy to administer. Whenever new data fields were necessary they were easy to add to the already very complete standard. Finally, and most importantly, by being on the Salesforce platform we benefit from all future innovations which allow us not only to address the current needs but to be future proof as well. It could, in other words, evolve in step with our customers’ needs."


After the launch

"The feedback of our staff is very positive. To be honest, I was not expecting that the introduction would go so smoothly," Beauduin admitted. "Having relevant information at the right time in the right place is essential for the sales rep to better serve the customer. The sales reps, mind you, are well prepared when arriving at the customer. A good follow-up and a strong relationship are made possible by the full overview that’s offered. This means earlier contacts, concerns, opportunities and challenges. All customers and prospects are included in Sales Cloud. This means over 1,600,000 companies. So every customer–be they big, medium or small–is well served based on personal needs. From a sales point of view, the administrative burden has been reduced and the efficiency improved.  And, more importantly, sales reps and Management now have a very useful up-to-date, intuitive reporting on their activities and their results."


At the moment Sales Cloud is used by around 450 users, most of them direct and indirect sales reps. The application is also accessible through mobile. Beauduin: "Orange positions enterprise mobility or mobile IT as an important new way of doing business. Having all of its salespeople using a tablet with the SF Mobile app is a perfect way of showing that Orange practices what it preaches."


Would you like to offer your clients better services? Get in touch with your account manager for all you need to know about Salesforce.

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