Productive from quotation to delivery of the site


Digital tools boost the productivity of the building process, from quotation to delivery of the construction site. At the heart of this “Construction 4.0” is the real-time sharing of information, anytime, anywhere. This requires a high-quality telecom solution.

Higher productivity

A study by consultants McKinsey & Company, commissioned by the Belgian Construction Federation, shows that work productivity in the construction industry has grown by just 1% per year in the past two decades, as opposed to 2.8% for the global economy. This means the construction industry needs to raise its productivity levels.


Working more efficiently with digital tools

Fortunately the construction industry is adopting digitalisation, automation and computerisation at an accelerated pace. Digital tools boost the productivity of every aspect of the building process. The impact of these tools is so significant we can safely call it a revolution


Construction 4.0

In the construction industry, the fourth industrial revolution (digitalisation) is driven by “Construction 4.0”. Its main principle is the real-time sharing of information, anytime, anywhere. Fast access to the right information at any given time, both at the office and on the go or at a construction site, is a simple way of raising your productivity.

In addition, it also makes for better collaboration. A good case in point is BIM or Building Information Modelling, an integrated process used by construction professionals to design, elaborate, explore and adjust a project in digital form before the actual building has even started


Orange, your perfect partner

Of course, the digitalisation of your company hinges on a high-quality solution for your telecom needs, both at the office, on the go and on-site. Orange is the perfect partner to fulfil your needs in this regard. 



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