Risk analysis: the foundation of your security strategy


Whether your business implements many or just a few security solutions, you need to evaluate your security strategy. Good risk analysis helps you set priorities and make the right investments.  

Companies generate and use a growing volume of data. As a result of which business models are constantly evolving. The IoT or the use of 5G play a key role in this regard. Big data applications and data analytics enable your company to offer new services, enhance your customer experience and boost your operational efficiency.

“But more data also means running a higher risk of being targeted by cyber criminals,” warns Thomas Leclerc, B2B Product Manager for IT security at Orange. “Your data is very valuable to cybercriminals because their business model is based on trying to make money out of it. Ransomware is the most common approach, but far from the only example: cybercriminals are constantly looking for new inroads.”


Risk identification

“Every security strategy should start with a risk analysis. Otherwise you’ll find yourself investing vast sums in security solutions without knowing whether they’re protecting you from the risks you’re exposed to. I still see many companies going without an analysis. As a business, what do you have to be afraid of? This is a crucial question in deciding your security strategy and the corresponding investments,” Thomas Leclerc explains.

Risk analysis should be at the heart of any security strategy. Leclerc also points out that this is an ongoing process: “Companies evolve. They continually adjust to changing market circumstances, new regulations and new technological possibilities. New web or mobile applications, cloud applications, new markets, staff turnover... are factors that require a new risk analysis.” And then there are the cybercriminals who are always ready to pounce.



On 25 September 2020 Orange runs a webinar on the importance of risk analysis in developing a security strategy. “Businesses evolve all the time, but so do cyber criminals”, Leclerc remarks. “The webinar highlights the latest conclusions in terms of cybercrime. I explain which solutions you can implement to analyse the risks, such as penetration testing, ISMS audits, a scan of your weak points...”

“The Orange group is a European leader in the field of IT security. Recent acquisitions in Belgium and across Europe have made Orange a key player. Leclerc continues: “As a group we can offer our customers unique possibilities such as our CERTs and Cyber SOCs located across the globe. With this webinar we hope to illustrate the importance of performing a thorough risk analysis, if you’re not doing so already.”


Want to know more? Enjoy our security webinar to get the latest insights and expert knowledge.

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