The Service Manager: a reliable contact tailored to your company


The Orange Business Experts Team (BET) is like an accomplished chef using only the best telecom ingredients to put a three-star menu on the table for your business. The Service Manager is one of the key figures in the BET. They are an indispensable link between your company and Orange’s range of business solutions.

Wanna BET?

At Orange, customer service is about more than a friendly answer to your questions. Your personal Business Experts Team (BET) is always there to advise and assist you. You can count on the BET anytime, anywhere, for personal guidance, technical support, innovative insights and professional advice. One of the BET’s key figures is the Service Manager. They are an indispensable link between your business and Orange’s range of business solutions.


Single point of contact

The Service Manager helps you with the day-to-day management of your business and is the single point of contact in the BET for all your questions. They offer quick and professional help and are happy to support you in implementing new developments at your company. 

The BET Service Manager knows your company’s needs in and out and has all the information about your business and your processes. Where necessary, they can also refer you to other Orange departments such as our colleagues in Business Support and our technical staff in Engineering. 


Which pack suits you best?

There is no such thing as the perfect Service Manager. That’s why Orange offers four different Service Manager packs, each with its own unique approach and timing, tailored to your organisation’s needs. The packs are designed in a way that makes it easy for you to determine yourself what’s best for your organisation’s growth.

  • Do you prefer your Service Manager to take a reactive or proactive approach? 
  • What timing are you looking for in terms of reporting and follow-up: biannual, quarterly, monthly or customised? 
  • Do you dream of innovating and ramping up the creativity of your products and projects? Or are you simply looking for clear reports on your projects, issues and actions? 


Orange offers you two different approaches:

  1. The problem-solving approach with Entry Level Service Packs:
  • Orange Professional
  • Orange Comfort
  1. The proactive, advanced approach including consulting:
  • Orange Premium
  • Orange Tailor-Made

Whichever pack you choose, one thing is certain: with the Orange Business Experts Team by your side, you are never on your own.


The specialists of the Business Experts Team and the various Service Manager packs are ready to assist you and your business.

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