Smart Tracking: The Simple Orange Solution for Efficient Asset Management

smart tracking

No more wasting time hunting around for your lost goods or valuable assets. With our Smart Tracking Solution, you can now track the movements of all your assets. Our extremely simple solution will help you to become more efficient.

Like so many other companies, you regularly face situations where items are lost or incurring redelivery charges due to lost goods?
Do you spend a great deal of time planning your teams and the use of your farm or construction machinery?
Would you like to reduce your logistics costs and improve the quality control of your services?
If so, then the Orange Smart Tracking Solution is perfect for you.

What is Smart Tracking?

Smart tracking enables you to easily check where your assets are located (farm or construction site equipment, trailers, cranes, containers or any other valuable assets) by fitting them with battery-powered independent tracking devices.
This tool regularly updates you on the movements of your assets. You can also opt to be notified as soon as an asset moves outside of a specific area (geofencing).
By logging onto your personal account on our platform, you can locate your assets at all times and monitor the background history of their movements. You can also monitor the condition of the batteries. Managing your assets is extremely easy and even allows you to export the locations of your assets between 2 specific dates.
You can also decide whether or not to activate e-mail alerts.

The 4 Advantages of Smart Tracking

1. No more lost assets and keeping close track of them at all times
2. Save time with accurate asset management
3. Optimise your business by collecting all the necessary data
4. Improve your productivity with close monitoring and increase the reliability of your supply chains

3 Reasons for Selecting Orange

1. A powerful mobile, fixed and IoT network at your fingertips
2. Our teams of experts assist you daily and you have access to all our expertise
3. Our Smart Tracking is GDPR compliant and meets all your company’s requirements

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