Smarter buildings thanks to the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things has never been more accessible. Ready-made IoT solutions collect real-time information from an array of environmental parameters, enabling you not just to increase residents’ comfort but also to keep an eye on your products or services.

Smart Environment, a new IoT service by Orange, is a user-friendly solution aimed at local governments and building managers, among others. The new solution enables them to closely monitor environmental parameters in buildings, such as temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. Users can automate their own measurements, increasing the level of comfort of those present. The system can also be used for purposes such as monitoring storage conditions in a warehouse and receiving warnings if necessary.


Simplicity and expertise 

Smart Environment is a simple, ready-made solution that caters to concrete needs in upgrading the operational efficiency of a chosen environment. The IoT solution includes the sensor, the connectivity and the application as well as the necessary support. Moreover, it is characterised by strong security, based on 3GPP standard connectivity, NB-IoT/LTE-M and SIM. 



The product is very accessible and enables organisations in all sectors to collect critical real-time information. They can use the data to make proactive decisions about their buildings or installations and avoid unwanted situations. Think: maintaining the cold chain during transport, monitoring sensitive products in cold storage or keeping spare parts operational.

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