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The Rapid Development Kit is an easy and fast way for your company to get started with the Internet of Things based on the Narrowband IoT standard. The package has everything your organisation needs to develop its own IoT project.

The rise of the IoT is unstoppable. When objects, just like people, communicate independently with each other and with their users, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities to your organisation, regardless of its size.

IoT in practice

The Orange Rapid Development Kit allows you to discover these opportunities on the Orange mobile IoT network, which covers 100 % of Belgian territory. The kit is meant for professional use and will allow your company to quickly develop IoT prototypes using the Orange mobile IoT network. Thanks to the Rapid Development Kit, companies can experience what Narrowband IoT can mean to them in practice.

Rapid Development Kit

The Rapid Development Kit includes six months of free use of our Narrowband IoT network. It also includes an Arduino-based microcontroller, an NB-IoT radio module with an Orange SIM card and plug-and-play sensors that can measure conditions such as temperature, air quality and geographic location. After six months, you can choose a prepaid or postpaid plan forthe Orange IoT end-to-end business service. Orange works with AllThingsTalk in this respect.

Read how Orange develops IoT applications, like smarter buildings, for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. 

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