Webinar: the role of data analysis in these challenging times


This year, Orange is taking a closer look at the world of tomorrow in a series of fascinating webinars. The fourth webinar looks for a solution to the current COVID-19 crisis. Can big data analysis help policy makers and companies make decisions? Because these are challenging times in which to make them. And facts and figures are more important than ever.

Data analysis has become increasingly important in recent years. Where do customers spend most of their time? How do you adapt your supply chain? What is your most important and distinguishing advantage over the competition? And are your customers loyal? Big data analytics can answer all of these questions. The result is a more fine-tuned and well-founded service.

However, the COVID-19 outbreak has changed the everyday context and the data collected previously is no longer entirely relevant. However, up-to-date data is crucial to mapping out this altered landscape and comparing it to the pre-pandemic siutation.


Data: a virtual face mask?

The coronavirus has brought uncertainty, for businesses as well. Take shopping in our city centres, for example. How many people are in the inner city or in a specific zone at any given time? How long will they stay there? Where do they come from? Are they locals or tourists?

These questions can also be answered using telecom data. The number of mobile phones in the vicinity of a cell tower can be determined, making it possible to measure activity at a specific location. This is an example of how telecom data can help policymakers and businesses to get our lives back to normal and boost our economy.

And this is in full compliance with applicable privacy laws. Anonymising and aggregating personal data makes it impossible to harvest personal user details from the data analyses.


In the green: safe holidays

It’s not just companies that benefit from big data – their marketing is more goal-oriented so they can better gear their services to your needs. Governments also use data analysis to decide upon their policies and services. YouFlanders, from government service Toerisme Vlaanderen, is a free app that tells tourists how busy a specific tourist zone is. If the location is too busy the app proposes an alternative destination. By supplying the localisation data Orange is contributing to safe tourism.


Want to know more about how big data and data analysis can boost recovery in the wake of a crisis? Follow our webinar here.

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