Webinar: is your network ready for today’s IT challenges?


What are the challenges that come with the digital transformation? What is the impact of IT evolutions on your network? And how can your business prepare for this? Find out all about it in our webinar. 


Cloud applications, teleworking and other recent evolutions are placing a major strain on your network. In response to this challenge, we are glad to introduce you to SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN). Our free interactive webinar will show you how SD-WAN makes for easier management and helps your WAN operate smoother.

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4 IT evolutions as a result of the digital transformation

The digital transformation impacts not only the organisation but also the HR policy of your company. Naturally, this new way of working also brings numerous changes on an IT level. What are the 4 most important trends in IT today?


1. Cloud

The public cloud has fundamentally changed the way organisations look at their network. Rather than operating their own data centres, companies are increasingly calling on the capacity of a cloud provider. 
At the same time, networks no longer connect users with a single centralised data centre. Instead, companies link their users with multiple cloud providers, for both infrastructure and software. This shift requires direct connectivity of external sites with the cloud, usually over the internet.


2. Remote working

Over the last few months, teleworking has become standard in many organisations. It looks like this form of working will continue to be popular in the future as well. This evolution has made it necessary for businesses to invest more in IT support so employees can also work efficiently from home or from another location. The deciding factor for teleworking is obviously connectivity: those enterprises that take the plunge must also carry out the necessary investments.


3. Security

Unfortunately, cyberattacks and data leaks have become commonplace. Recent examples have demonstrated what a huge impact a ransomware attack can have on an organisation. So it’s no surprise that our survey showed that an all-encompassing and well-considered approach to information security is a top priority for any entrepreneur.


4. Shortage of ICT experts

For years there’s been a shortage of trained and experienced ICT experts. IT specialist is increasingly becoming a shortage profession, and this evolution is at odds with the IT challenges businesses are confronted with today. They are ready to implement the digital transformation, but finding the right security and network specialists to guide them through the process is proving more and more difficult. 


SD-WAN, the answer to today’s challenges 

These 4 challenges put pressure on your network, and that is why a well-considered network approach is indispensable to any company. 
SD-WAN or Software-Defined WAN offers an answer to these problems. An SD-WAN simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by separating the network hardware from its management. SD-WAN easily expands the existing WAN with cloud-based applications, making for more efficient and flexible network management, integrated with the management of the organisation’s own LAN.

Want to learn more about the switch to SD-WAN? On 3 July, Orange will organise a free interactive webinar to showcase the possibilities and benefits of SD-WAN.


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