What can the Internet of Things do for you?


Everything can be connected nowadays. Not just people but machines and objects as well. In a captivating series of reports we highlight the benefits of the Internet of Things and take a closer look at the appropriate technology.

Today there are various ways and technologies to connect people, objects and machines. In the report on Kanaal Z, experts from the academic and business world as well as Orange illustrate the possibilities of the Internet of Things.

Particularly interesting is the fact that the specific benefits of the Internet of Things are illustrated using examples from everyday life. For instance, Gery Pollet and Dirk Van Bavel of Sensinxs tell you all about their smart bikes project, and how bicycles become smarter thanks to small devices and a fairly long battery life.

The series also focuses on the user benefits of NarrowBand IoT, a Mobile IoT technology that Orange Belgium invests in and that is based on the international “NarrowBand IoT” (NB-IoT) and “LTE-M” standards.

So what are the advantages of NarrowBand IoT?

  • Immediate connection: the devices and objects are connected from day one, regardless of location: via the national mobile network.
  • The possibility to connect very small devices or objects with the mobile network.
  • Battery life is significantly longer than with many other technologies.
  • The possibility to connect devices and objects installed in a remote location indoors e.g. a meter cupboard in the basement.

Are you curious to find out more about the advantages of the Internet of Things through the eyes of some Belgian experts ? Then be sure to watch the first Kanaal Z broadcast.


Click here to watch all episodes.

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