Why the IoT is crucial for data analysis


IoT devices collect a host of data. Is your company aiming to put this data to strategic use? Our webinar explains how the Internet of Things can help you capitalise on the added value of the data in your organisation. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) passed the hype stage long ago. It’s now making a real impact. Market research agency IDC predicts that by 2025, roughly 75 billion IoT devices will be in use worldwide. Together they will generate no less than 79 zettabytes of data (i.e. 79 followed by 21 zeroes).

At the moment, however, less than 1% of the data generated by IoT devices is analysed. This means there’s a genuine treasure trove of information to be mined and countless new use scenarios and business models waiting to be discovered.

If you’re aiming to make your business truly smarter, the trick is to connect your machines, devices and sensors with each other and with the internet and use them as a basis for collecting and processing data. It’s easier than you might think: you can start small and build up your IoT experience as you go along. 



The Internet of Things is also playing a crucial role in CurieuzeNeuzen in de Tuin. This is a major research project in which 5000 civilian scientists will help to map out heat and dryness is gardens around Flanders. As the exclusive connectivity partner and data provider, Orange is transferring all data from the participating gardens in real time, over the current 4G and future 5G networks, to the research centre of the University of Antwerp. Or: how data also contributes to a better climate. 



On Tuesday 23 February 2021, Jeroen Machielsen, Eloise Baudel and Geert Vander Veken organised a webinar on how to explore new data sources using the Internet of Things. This is the first in a series of Orange webinars that will cover the entire data journey: from collecting and processing data to transporting, sharing and protecting that same data.

The first webinar deals with the acquisition of data and explains the most important reasons for adopting the Internet of Things. The speakers will also discuss the challenges you’ll face when taking your first steps with the IoT. 

The further ‘data journey’ will be explained in subsequent webinars. We will give you a framework enabling you to translate the data from your organisation into valuable information that can act as a basis for sound decisions. Due to its importance, the IoT will start off this series of webinars.


Want to know more? Take a look at our IoT webinar.

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