Your business: mobile and secure thanks to Device Manager


Increased productivity and incredible flexibility: it’s no wonder smartphones and tablets are playing an ever greater role on the corporate stage. Manage them all from a single platform with Device Manager. 

Appointments? You book them in no time using your smartphone. A business presentation? Follow every second on your tablet. 

Running a company without using mobile devices is unthinkable today. They’re becoming more and more powerful, meeting even the most specific needs and demands of your employees. They transform your company into a flexible organisation with the efficiency to meet every client’s needs. And thanks to Mobile Device Management, managing these mobile devices is as easy as could be. 


What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)? 

Mobile Device Management is security software that helps you with the management and security of all the mobile devices used by your employees. Instead of looking at your employees’ smartphones, tablets and laptops as separate entities, MDM groups them into a single unit that you manage centrally. Orange is proud to introduce a new MDM service: Device Manager


What are the benefits of Device Manager?

  • Security
    With Device Manager, you ensure all devices are protected from external attacks at all times. Device Manager encrypts the corporate data on the device. And if the device is lost or stolen, you’re able to remotely block access and erase all the data.
  • Management of corporate data
    Not every employee needs to see or access all your corporate data. With Device Manager, you control who is able to see what information. And when you install the apps and programs your employees need for their jobs, they don’t even need to come into the office. Plus, Device Manager updates automatically, so you’re always running the latest version.
  • Efficient maintenance
    The increased use of mobile devices has led to an increased demand for support. Your employees expect support to be instant, available and accessible wherever they are. With Device Manager, you always have a real-time overview of the settings on all your devices. This makes it easier to diagnose problems. And if adjustments are necessary, you’re able to make them remotely.
  • Cloud solution
    Device Manager is a cloud solution. This means you don’t even need any infrastructure. It also allows you to add and remove monthly licenses according to your changing needs. 


Conclusion: Device Manager makes life much easier for your fleet manager. Plus, you save your employees time: their devices always have the optimal configuration for their company tasks. And if there ever are any problems, they can be handled remotely—there’s no need to surrender their devices to the helpdesk. 

Do you need a flexible way to integrate Mobile Device Management in your company? You have it with Device Manager from Orange. This cloud-based solution is already managing more than 300,000 mobile devices. 



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