ACEG opts for flexible telephony in the cloud


With years of experience, ACEG is a respected and government-recognised inspection agency. ACEG stands out with excellent, efficient service. For ACEG, their cloud-based switchboard has played an important role: “The ideal formula for any organisation that works in multiple locations and needs maximum reachability.”

ACEG’s number one objective? Unburdening their clients in any way possible. “We strive to deliver fast, efficient, top-tier service,” says General Manager Dieter Goderis. That is why 95 % customer satisfaction is the norm for this company. ACEG achieves it by using the Inspection Platform; it makes it easy for customers to monitor and manage all their applications and certificates.


Maximum reachability

“Our reachability is a key factor in our customer satisfaction,” Dieter Goderis explains. “From day one it has been our aim to work in different locations as much as possible. Our software, systems, files and everything else are based in the cloud. All we need to work is a laptop and a reliable internet connection.”


“A switchboard in the cloud is ideal if you’re working in many different locations and need to be reachable. Because that’s how we work: anytime, anywhere!”


At ACEG, flexibility also extends to telephony and communications. A while ago, they were in the market for a new telephony solution. It didn’t take them long to decide what they wanted. With the virtual, cloud-based switchboard, ACEG employees have a very easy and user-friendly way to make calls using an app on their smartphones and laptops. “Thanks to this solution, our customers enjoy maximum reachability with contact centre's administrative staff. The staff simply log in and answer calls, regardless of their location.”

Goderis himself mainly uses the cloud-based virtual switchboard via the mobile application. “I can reach customers via the central number and put them through to the right person in our organisation, regardless of where I am. As a result, customers are never put on hold for long periods, nor are they transferred to the wrong person. Customer contact is always hassle-free.”

The cloud-based telephony solution fits perfectly with ACEG’s vision of location-independent working. “Our people are always reachable; it doesn’t matter whether they’re at home or at the office. With virtual telephony, we have struck an excellent balance between homeworking and working at the office,” Goderis concludes. 



The functionalities of virtual telephony easily stand comparison with those of a traditional switchboard. They came in particularly handy at a time when teleworking became the new normal. “Employees are easily reached by people outside the company, always at the same number. But this virtual switchboard is often used in-house as well: our employees now often use the chat function to discuss things.”

Dieter Goderis adds that use of the switchboard itself is entirely hassle-free. It is located off-premises, so there are no technical updates and no maintenance to worry about. “Another important benefit is the scalability of the system. Our telephony solution develops seamlessly alongside our company.”



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