ASX-IBECO: “Time and money saved”


Companies do not often stay with their (inter)national shipments. ASX-IBECO takes the worries off their hands. Literally and figuratively. "We bundle various services together. Processing express or international shipments, collecting a load in the harbour, picking up post and other deliveries: they all need to run smoothly," says director Jean-Claude Van den Berghe. "And Orange is a crucial link in all of this."


The challenge

Processing hundreds of thousands of documents and shipments

"An example: in the morning and in the afternoon, a small army of couriers hit the road for us. They visit clients, fill out shipping orders and then bring back the instructions. Wherever they are on this trajectory, they need to be in contact. Of course, we also receive goods in the harbour for our clients. If there is something missing, our headquarters and the client need to be informed of this immediately." Furthermore, each and every day there are countless (inter)national shipments that need to be registered, followed up and punctually delivered.

Everything revolves around synergies between us, our couriers and the clients. 4G offers great added value to this.


Jean-Claude Van den Berghe


The solution

Quick and reliable telecommunications

"To guarantee our clients impeccable service, we call on a number of Orange solutions. Using a PDA (pocket computer), our couriers are automatically informed when a shipment is ready to go and we can send new instructions. Tracking and tracing, the system for following up shipments, runs via machine-to-machine technology (which allows machines to communicate with each other) and can be consulted online. Everything is automatically reported and processed through our system." Thanks to 4G from Orange, this service can run quickly and more securely than ever before.


The result

New possibilities and improved service

"4G offers us a lot of possibilities. We are actually thinking of phasing out our arsenal of devices–PDAs, mobile phones and track-and-trace equipment. With 4G, it’s perfectly possible to combine all the functionalities of these devices into a single smartphone. Our client system could then be easily consulted by our salespeople when they’re on the road." The result: a considerable saving in time and money. And even faster service. Another plus point is the stability of the 4G network. Videoconferencing, accessing documents in the cloud, downloading large files: it all runs seamlessly.


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