Europ Assistance helps customers 24/7


Assistance and insurance company Europ Assistance has to be available round the clock for customers who are counting on their help. Thanks to its partnership with Orange, the Belgian branch can fulfil that promise.

The challenge 

Available 24/7 for customers

“We’ve been with Orange for mobile telephony since the late 90s”, says Luc Vettori, contact centre administrator and ICT procurement at Europ Assistance. “Meanwhile we not only use Shape for mobile telephony, but we are now a customer for fixed telephony services as well. The main challenge for us is being reachable 24/7 at our fixed number: we need to be 100% certain that our telephone system won’t break down."

Another challenge consists in keeping our customers informed of the status of their file. That is why the company thought of a texting solution to notify customers at specific times.


The solution 

Two separate connections

“In terms of availability we have very good experiences with Orange”, Luc Vettori continues. Our fixed telephony uses two separate connections. Since 2002 there’s only been one incident where the situation was critical for a few hours. All through that night, Orange was there at our side to help us through that difficult period.

As Luc Vettori points out, Europ Assistance can even deal with calamities at the contact centre itself: “Orange has a disaster recovery web tool enabling us, in case of a calamity at our call centre, to transfer incoming calls to a series of special phone numbers via a secure URL. It is very practical that we can manage this option ourselves.

Europ Assistance has also called on Orange for the integration of text messages in the contact centre application. “If a stranded customer calls us, he receives updates via text message. These include the file number, the arrival time of the tow truck or taxi, hotel details, etc... Orange has developed this solution at our request and we are in the process of evaluating it.” A proposal has already been formulated.


The result 

A fair and reliable solution

With a view to providing even more operational reliability Europ Assistance is currently investigating whether the PRAs (primary connections), which are now located in the building itself, can’t be moved to a data centre. “Preferably with connections to two separate data centres because that will give us a 100% guarantee of being reachable at all times.”

Looking back at their collaboration with Orange over the years, Luc Vettori can only be very satisfied: “One of the major advantages with Orange is their willingness to help when you’re facing a challenge. They always help you find a fair and reliable solution.”

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