Groep van Eyck: “Less administration, fewer costs”


‘Variety in indulgence’ is the slogan of the van Eyck Group. The company — a trendsetter in the culinary and fine-dining sector — is composed of 14 small business entities. "So, one single telephone policy, clear and easy to implement, which we could roll out centrally for all our branches, really wasn’t a luxury", says Luc Pirard, Secretary Director for the group. Since the van Eyck Group also expects excellent service and value from its own suppliers, they brought together mobile telephony, fixed telephony and Internet under one roof. And they chose Orange.


The challenge

One single telephone policy for all offices

"Our 14 locations are not separate islands! Both in terms of cost and in terms of personnel, they form one single entity. We wanted to translate this into a transparent telecom policy with minimal administrative overhead and reliable service delivery. It’s much more than just a question of costs. Our company has a total of around 60 mobile phone subscriptions. We really need an account manager who we can trust, and who can fix problems when something goes wrong. That’s why I think that Orange’s excellent administrative support is such a plus."

160 employees spread over 14 offices, and telecom costs completely under control.


Luc Pirard

The solution

Budget control thanks to a maximum billing amount

"In conjunction with our partner, the Van Looy company, we chose to bring our Internet, mobile and fixed telephony together at Orange, where the services are tailored to the entrepreneur. With Invoice Split we determine in advance the amount of the mobile phone invoice that we take at our expense for each employee. If someone calls for more than the pre-determined amount, an invoice is automatically sent to that person’s home with the excess amount. That way we keep the costs under control without red tape. We no longer have to check all mobile phone invoices."


The result

Less admin and lower costs for both the van Eyck Group and employees

"At the start of the collaboration with Orange, we rapidly saw our costs for mobile calls drop by 30%. Moreover, our share of the employees’ mobile phone invoices is never higher than the pre-agreed amount thanks to Invoice Split. While this transparency translates into more savings for the van Eyck Group in terms of administration, it’s also an advantage for our employees. They pay no subscription fees and enjoy our advantageous business rates for their private calls."



Curious about the way the van Eyck Group have kept their telecom costs under control with no admin overhead? See Luc Pirard (van Eyck Group) and Jef Mariën (Van Looy) tell you how they did it in this video.

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