Hybrid working: flexibility in practice


In some sectors, hybrid working is far from straightforward. We talked to car dealer Michaël Mazuin and asked our expert for additional advice. Read on to discover their views on hybrid working.

More flexible working hours, the ability to work from the most efficient location, less commuter traffic... The benefits of hybrid working for employees are well-known by now. But what if hybrid working isn’t an obvious choice? We asked an entrepreneur who took the plunge regardless.

Hybrid working: a fresh take on digitalisation

The Covid pandemic introduced many companies to hybrid working, including in sectors where the concept doesn’t seem so easy. We took the matter up with Michaël Mazuin of the car dealership group of the same name. He discovered that hybrid working can be done in his line of work, and in the process he developed a new vision of digitalisation. We hope his testimonial inspires you.



Hybrid working tailored to your business

The term “hybrid working” immediately calls to mind working in the cloud. Vincent Desmarets, Product Marketer at Orange Belgium, confirms as much: “Switching to the cloud allows companies to work much more flexibly.” Nowadays there are a multitude of cloud applications that facilitate remote collaboration. However, companies would do well to look for a solution that suits their business. “As a company, you want your employees to be able to work as efficiently as possible, regardless of their location. Hybrid working is always a multi-challenge affair, not least because in addition to the technological aspect, the human factor is just as crucial. Perhaps in recent years this has faded a bit too much into the background,” he adds.


Do you already have a switchboard that offers ideal support for hybrid working? Do the self-scan and discover whether our virtual telephone exchange is the right tool for your and your employees.

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