Hybrid working: flexibility in practice


Hybrid working gives employees more flexibility, resulting in more job satisfaction. But what do entrepreneurs think of this way of working? We talked to an expert and asked our specialist for advice.

More flexible working hours, the ability to work from the most efficient location, less commuter traffic... The benefits of hybrid working for employees are well-known by now. But what are the benefits for employers? We decided to ask one.

Hybrid working: working with talent from everywhere

The Covid pandemic introduced many companies to hybrid working. Ghent-based company Teamleader develops work management software and their experience enabled them to act swiftly. Since the foundation of his company, CEO Jeroen De Wit has advocated remote working. “Talent is not limited to Ghent, there’s talent worldwide. Our way of working makes it easy for us to recruit that worldwide talent.” Discover the story of Teamleader in the video below.



Hybrid working tailored to your business

The term “hybrid working” immediately calls to mind working in the cloud. This is confirmed by Diederik Beckers, Product Development Manager Collaboration at BKM-Orange: “Switching to the cloud allows companies to work much more flexibly.” Nowadays there are a multitude of cloud applications that facilitate remote collaboration. However, companies would do well to look for a solution that suits their business. “As a company, you want your employees to be able to work as efficiently as possible, regardless of their location. That’s why our solution architects identify a company’s specific hybrid working needs and subsequently look for a tailored solution. This involves everything that makes interaction possible, ranging from a telephone exchange to collaboration tools and connectivity,” he adds.


Do you already have a switchboard that offers ideal support for hybrid working? Do the self-scan and discover whether our virtual telephone exchange is the right tool for your and your employees.

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