Orange and cleaning company De Lelie: an immaculate collaboration


Cleaning company De Lelie uses Device Manager by Orange for all its company smartphones. This application ensures smartphones are used as intended by all personnel, while keeping the monthly bill in check.

Cleaning company De Lelie employs approximately 45 staff who clean both office and apartment buildings. The smartphones they receive from their employer are essential work tools. ‘All cleaners receive their schedules on their mobile. With every new assignment, they register using Near Field Communication (NFC) by scanning a tag inside the building with their smartphones.’

However, these smartphones were a major source of concern; they weren’t always used solely for work. General manager Régine Ryckaert went in search of a solution and found what she was looking for at Orange: Device Manager, the management application for company smartphones. ‘Our staff still use the same smartphones, only we have installed this application for a solution that works for everyone,’ Régine explains.  


Easy to manage, easy to communicate

Device Manager has given Régine Ryckaert peace of mind. The tool takes care of the management and basic security of the smartphones. For example, if a cleaner loses their mobile it can be blocked remotely or - if necessary - all data can be erased. 

There’s simplicity not just in terms of management but also in terms of communication. ‘One of the other features of Device Manager is being able to send a message to all our staff members at once. It comes in very handy.’

The Device Manager app was installed on all staff smartphones. Régine Ryckaert and her colleague manage the application themselves. ‘It took a little getting used to at first, but all in all, it wasn’t that bad. Device Manager is user-friendly, even for someone who’s not a technical whizz!,’ Régine adds.


Limiting data consumption

Another advantage is the fact that excessive data consumption can be indirectly limited. ‘Normally 500 MB per month is enough to do the job but for some employees even 5 GB was not enough,’ Régine Ryckaert continues. With Device Manager, data-intensive, non-work-related applications and internet services are a thing of the past: the application ensures that only relevant apps are installed or used on the device.   

‘The smartphones our colleagues have at their disposal are perfectly suited to the job. They even have WhatsApp to send pictures if necessary. GPS apps like Waze for cars and Here we go for pedestrians are installed as standard on these company smartphones. They have everything they need for their jobs.’


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