Outil Pro: "We choose a virtual switchboard."


We make great use of all the additional features, such as setting up individual recorded messages.

Jocelyn Picron


Efficiency is often in the details. Take for example the engineer who is able to work in peace whilst rerouting their incoming calls to the office. The use of internal shortcut numbers. Ensuring that customers always get through to the right person straight away. These are just some of the ways in which Orange Mobiline can make your working life easier. These are not our words, but those of Jocelyn Picron, the Director of Outil Pro.


The challenge

Replacing the old telephone switchboard

"Outil Pro has been in business for 30 years. And to be honest, our telephone switchboard has also been there for most of that time. But we didn't dare replace it. We were afraid of losing all our numbers and of having to send new numbers out to our customers. What's more, we all knew how to use the old system. Would a new switchboard be as easy to use? What would happen to our existing stock of mobile phones? And would we have to pay more for mobile phone calls made to our foreign suppliers?"


The solution

A virtual switchboard with a wealth of additional features

A few months ago, a business recommended Orange Mobiline (originally Mobistar) to us. The matter was quickly settled. "We decided to go for this package and we have never looked back. We replaced the old landline telephone exchange with a virtual switchboard, keeping all of our existing numbers. Now we can choose whether to be called on our private numbers or our work numbers. When we make phone calls abroad from our mobile phones, we do so at the same competitive rate as we would calling from a landline. We also make extensive use of all the other features: we use internal shortcut numbers, calls can be forwarded to mobiles or other numbers without a hitch and we can easily set up recorded messages, for example about our opening hours."


The results

More efficient communications and functionality

"Thanks to Mobiline, our communications are now far more efficient. For example: we can now choose whom to put calls through to. If a colleague is out of the office, we can forward their calls to our office so that they are not constantly disturbed whilst they are working. If all of our lines happen to be engaged, customers will get an on-hold message to let them know that someone will be with them as soon as possible. What's more, we no longer get business calls on our private numbers. The move to Mobiline was worthwhile, just for that feature alone!"


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