Service and reachability are key for PGS


Pallet manufacturer PGS Group relies on Orange for its telephony. Having worked with Orange for mobile telephony for years, it recently asked Orange to move its fixed telephony into the cloud too. Service, expertise and reachability: that’s the key.

Palettes Gestion Services (PGS) is the European market leader in pallet manufacturing and the sale of new and used pallets. The company’s name has the word “services” in it, so it’s something that’s hugely important to them. PGS Group, which has its head offices in Rouen in France and Gistel in Belgium, processes 45 million wooden pallets each year.

PGS is committed to sustainability. The company manufactures 25 million new pallets a year using wood from sustainably managed forests. The remaining 20 million are second-hand pallets that the international group buys, sorts, repairs and resells to ensure maximum reuse. In Orange, PGS found a partner that also puts sustainability and the energy transition high on the agenda.

PGS is originally a French group and is committed to diversification and vertical integration. For instance, the group has its own factory to manufacture nails and operates five sawmills. PGS has more than 40 sites in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Latvia, Morocco and the United States. The entire group has more than 800 employees, and it has clients from just about every industry. What they all have in common is that they need pallets to transport large volumes of goods, which range from Moët & Chandon champagne to Wienerberger bricks.


“Service, loyal partnerships and reachability are most important to us.”


Freek Van Belle



PGS offers solutions that are tailored to its customers’ needs. “That’s why telephone communication is and always will be essential to our business,” says Freek Van Belle, Technical Sales Manager at PGS Group. “Most companies primarily look at the price tag, but service and reachability are what we value most in our telephone communication. And that is exactly what Orange offers us.”

The collaboration between PGS and Orange has grown into a close partnership over the years. Orange manages about 100 mobile numbers for PGS. The company uses Shape & Fix for a fixed-line telephone exchange in the cloud at its headquarters in Gistel.


“Orange is very proactive, just like us."


Freek Van Belle


Peace of mind

“Like us, Orange is committed to giving its customers complete peace of mind,” Van Belle says. “We share that proactive approach. That’s also why we’ve asked our partner BKM-Orange to provide a cloud solution for our fixed telephony. And again that has proved to be the right choice. Our old, analogue telephone exchange needed replacing after eight years, and since we work on multiple sites we also had to look for innovative solutions for our fixed telephony.”

BKM-Orange presented some great references, which included companies that have many sites just like PGS. “The fact that the company belongs to the Orange Belgium family also helped us to make our decision,” Van Belle explains. “BKM-Orange’s solution ensures we can always be reached and keeps us firmly in control of the costs of our communications.”



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