Taxis Verts: "A wider range of services, also online"


With Orange we can expand our services–online as well.

Michel Pêtre


More than 500 taxis, 120 delivery vans, 1,000 drivers, 9,000 calls per day, data traffic every 15 seconds from every vehicle and thousands of satisfied clients: figures sometimes say more than words. And these figures say that TAXIS VERTS, the largest taxi company in Brussels, together with Orange, their partner in communication, have succeeded in providing impeccable service. Or they show exactly how Enterprise Mobility 3.0 connects vehicles and people with total efficiency.


The challenge

Entering a new era of communication

“We used to use a private antenna network. But the number of data transmissions kept increasing and the level of coverage fell short of our desires. Furthermore, we wanted to expand our services to head online, as well,” explains Managing Director, Michel Pêtre. TAXIS VERTS therefore needed more than just a "standard" operator. The company wanted a partner with whom their communication could enter a new era.


The solution 

More flexibility with Enterprise Mobility 3.0 from Orange

TAXIS VERTS found an alternative for its antenna network at Orange, who guided them towards Enterprise Mobility 3.0. “Their mobile network and Machine-to-Machine solutions seemed to be ideal for our specific needs. Routes, addresses, GPS data and so forth. It all appeared on the drivers’ PDAs via the server in real-time.” The necessary bandwidth is therefore not exactly enormous, but the number of data exchanges certainly is. For example: every 15 seconds, the locations of approximately 700 vehicles are sent through. “For the processing of this data, we use software that is specially designed by our partner Tradecom, in close consultation with Orange, of course.”


The result

More possibilities, more services, more clients

Investing in software, scouring the international market for new technologies and picking the fruits of progress with Orange, their communication partner with an eye on the future. TAXIS VERTS offers impeccable service, offering handy tools such as online bookings and using the benefits of new mobile technology. Above all, everything runs via the most efficient communication channels and routes, resulting in savings in time, money and distance. 


Managing director Michel Pêtre talks about the collaboration: watch the video.

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