Transics: "Crucial information about vehicles"


We save truck drivers a great deal of administrative hassle.

Walter Mastelinck


The Internet of Things is not new. Belgian company Transics proves that with almost 25 years of experience in fleet management. ‘We keep trucks in contact with home base, while making sure the company can also follow the truck perfectly.’ Orange plays a big part in this success story.


The challenge

Crucial information about vehicles

Transics wants to support transport companies by giving them access to crucial information about their vehicles. Not just on locations and routes, but other parameters such as delivery times, fuel use and emissions, driving and rest times, axle loads, tyre pressure and the temperature of the goods being transported.


Fleet management application

"It’s about much more than the location of the truck We actually bring an entire office into the vehicle," says Walter Mastelinck, CEO and founder of Transics. Plus, their fleet management is linked to the company applications for planning, maintenance and wage administration.


The solution

An M2M SIM card in every truck

Transics operates 90,000 vehicles today. Orange plays an important role in this success story. The operator provides the necessary connectivity in the vehicles, all equipped with a machine-to-machine SIM card (M2M).


Specific services and experts

Furthermore, Orange ensures added value with a number of specific M2M services and specialised people. Mastelinck is satisfied with all these services. ‘Our technology is suitably sophisticated. Every year, it works better and more maturely. And we have to thank Orange for that.’


The result

From on-board computers to software

Over the years, as Transics began to offer more applications, their business model began to change as well. The focus used to lie primarily on the sale of on-board computers. Today, the emphasis (and turnover) has more to do with the software and services available on these computers.


Higher efficiency, lower costs

"Our solutions ensure greater efficiency and client satisfaction, while also resulting in lower costs. A lot of administrative work that used to be handled manually by a driver with pen and paper now takes place digitally and automatically," says Mastelinck


Less administrative hassle

"In this way, we save the driver a lot of administrative hassle. Drivers stay in contact with their trucks thanks to mobile apps on their smartphones. Today, these smartphones are an extension of their on-board computers."


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