eSIM for Business

The technology of tomorrow, today in your hands

Successor of the traditional SIM card, eSIM is the new vector of mobile connectivity for consumer and IoT devices, 100% digital.

What are the advantages eSIM brings to my business?

eSIM is the new technology thanks to which you can connect to the mobile network using compatible GSM devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops or smartwatches), without needing to use a SIM card.

Full Digital Employee Experience

ESIM supports your digital transformation plans and is adapted to the new way of working. Activation is done fully online via the B2B customer area from anywhere and anytime.

As an employee you can also switch to eSIM via MyOrange.

Easy and quick

With eSIM technology you can connect to the Orange mobile network easily and quickly, without the need for a SIM card and even without having to the go the office to pickup your sim card.

Very useful if you’re most of the time, abroad, on the field or simply homeworking. Plus, you can deploy an entire fleet in seconds.

No more physical SIM card

Being soldered to your phone, eSIM has a much longer service life compared to a physical SIM card. eSIM will last as long as your device will.

No more plastic and a saving in CO2 emissions on the supply of physical SIM cards.

Evolution and innovation

eSIM opens a new era of connectivity for state-of-the-art mobile devices, for instance, laptops or tablets, and equipped with the latest technological innovations.

eSIM device on the spotlight

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Customer Zone

Activate an eSIM on tablet or smartphone?


Check compatibility

Make sure your phone or tablet is compatible with eSIM technology and is connected to WiFi.

eSIM device on the spotlight

Get your (eSIM) QR Code

Go to the customer zone and make a SIM swap to eSIM or create a new subscription directly with eSIM.

You can also use myOrange and trigger the swap from the app. You now have a valid QR Code!


Set your device

Access the eSIM section of the mobile connection settings of your eSIM compatible device.


Install your eSIM profile

Scan the QR code on the phone’s camera, or with Google Lens app on android, to activate the eSIM profile installation.


Get connected

Follow the instructions on the screen. After that, your eSIM is successfully installed.

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