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Secure and reliable communication

5G enhances reliability and security for public safety and defense. It enables real-time communication and data exchange for emergency services, disaster response, and law enforcement, ensuring swift and effective actions during critical situations. 5G's network slicing allows dedicated secure communication channels for mission-critical operations.

Challenges in safety and defense

Navigating the complex terrain of safety and defense

Safety & Defense organizations encounter unique and critical challenges stemming from their nature and responsibilities, including:

Security and data protection

Safety and defense companies handle sensitive information and data related to national security and public safety. Protecting this data from cyber threats, espionage, and unauthorized access is of utmost importance.

Cybersecurity threats

As technology plays an increasingly significant role in defense operations, the risk of cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructure, communication networks, and sensitive information is a major concern.

Technological advancements

Keeping up with rapidly evolving technologies is a challenge. Companies must continuously upgrade their systems, equipment, and infrastructure to remain effective and relevant in the face of new threats and challenges.

Interagency and international coordination

Safety and defense companies often need to collaborate with multiple agencies and international partners. Ensuring effective communication and coordination among different entities can be challenging.

Illustration of 5G usage for the Safety and Defense sector

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The partner

Name: Royal Military Academy, BEL Defense

Sector: Safety & Defense

Project description

The aim of this project is to investigate the implementation of 5G technology to bolster the "mission-critical" networks at Belgian Defense bases. These networks play a vital role in supporting operations, security, logistical and technical functions, and emergency preparedness. Therefore, it is imperative for BEL Defense to assess the suitability of various 5G infrastructure options in terms of information security (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) and communication capabilities (integration with existing networks, specific services, etc.).

This 5G project uses Orange Belgium's network and has been selected by the Federal Government of Economy for subsidies to accelerate the rollout and the implementation of 5G use cases in Belgium.

Why is 5G essential?

The paramount 5G feature of this project is the Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication. This unique feature is not found in other nationwide wireless network technologies currently deployed.

The partner

Name: i-mens

Sector: Safety & defense

Project description

i-mens, a home care organization specializing in services like home nursing, family care, housekeeping, and childcare, identified a significant challenge in establishing direct communication with supervisors. From the very beginning, home care workers have operated with a degree of independence, creating a noticeable gap between them and their supervisors. To address this, i-mens has introduced a priority call system to bridge this divide, reduce feelings of insecurity, and enhance employee retention.

Based on insights from internal research, it's clear that the majority of i-mens employees prefer reaching out to their supervisors or in-house team members (specifically, the on-call team) when they encounter situations that make them feel uneasy, rather than seeking external assistance. This comprehensive solution includes a real-time translation tool, ensuring seamless communication from the application process through onboarding, particularly during live conversations. Additionally, it features a priority call function that incorporates video conferencing and remote translation capabilities.

Why is 5G essential?

Harnessing the power of 5G technology allows us to significantly reduce latency, resulting in smoother performance for translation applications. Moreover, the specific 5G spectrum available in Belgium, spanning both the 700MHz and 3.5GHz bands, enhances indoor coverage and elevates the quality of video bandwidth. In the realm of critical communication, two pivotal components come into play. URLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication) ensures the swift, stable, and low-jitter transmission of video, while slicing guarantees reserved and guaranteed bandwidth.

Furthermore, the USRP (UE Route Selection Policy) feature takes on a critical role by making the priority slice on the Orange 5G network accessible only when it is needed. This strategic approach prevents the Orange network from becoming overwhelmed when multiple users engage in the same service.

The partner

Name: Securitas, Robovision

Sector: Safety & defense

Project description

Emergency and security services often face challenging situations, potentially involving concealed threats. Accessing images from various angles and perspectives enhances situational awareness, aids in crowd control, and improves mobility. Wireless 5G connectivity adds dynamism to the information, previously constrained by static data due to fixed connections. The incorporation of 5G with network slicing guarantees both capacity and video stream speed. Further context is added to the images through the application of Artificial Intelligence, which converts the wealth of data in the images into actionable information.

This 5G project uses Orange Belgium's network and has been selected by the Federal Government of Economy for subsidies to accelerate the rollout and the implementation of 5G use cases in Belgium.

Why is 5G essential?

5G provides substantially higher capacity, bandwidth, and speed compared to current 4G networks. It allows for specific users to receive priority treatment, ensuring guaranteed bandwidth for applications like those used by the police. Also, the slicing capability permits a single device to transmit multiple applications through distinct slices. For example, communication applications can be directed to the internet, while camera traffic can be routed via a private slice to AI software in a data center.

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