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Challenges in transportation and logistics

Navigating the transportation and logistics landscape

Companies in this sector grapple with complex operations in a dynamic global landscape.

Supply chain disruptions

Transportation and logistics companies must navigate various supply chain disruptions, including natural disasters, geopolitical issues, and unforeseen events like the COVID-19 pandemic. These disruptions can lead to delays, increased costs, and inventory management challenges.

Customer expectations

Customers expect real-time tracking, transparency, and efficient delivery services. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations requires investments in advanced tracking technologies and reliable communication systems.

Environmental impact

The transportation industry contributes to a significant portion of global carbon emissions. Companies are under pressure to adopt greener practices and reduce their environmental impact.

Technology adoption

Embracing new technologies like autonomous vehicles, drone delivery, and advanced logistics software can improve efficiency, but implementing and integrating these technologies may require substantial investments and workforce training.

Regulatory compliance

Companies in transportation and logistics must comply with various regulations, including safety standards, environmental policies, and transportation permits. Ensuring compliance with these regulations can be time-consuming and costly.

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The partner

Name: Seafar, POM West Flanders, Howest, KU Leuven, e-BO Enterprises

Sector: Transportation & Logistics

Project description

Through a 5G connection, Seafar, POM West Flanders, Howest, KU Leuven, e-BO Enterprises and Orange want to bet on unmanned and semi-autonomous inland navigation in the Westhoek with remote support. After successful trial runs, they intend to further develop the concept to maximise operational safety via a stable network connection. For example, a 360° livestream with a view of the boat and its surroundings should allow the captain to take over control of the vessel remotely when necessary. Moreover, autonomous vessels give a lot of future opportunities for inland navigation and can solve current pain points. Seafar currently already uses 4G connectivity.

This 5G project uses Orange Belgium's network and has been selected by the Federal Government of Economy for subsidies to accelerate the rollout and the implementation of 5G use cases in Belgium.

“Thanks to 5G, we can have even more unmanned inland shipping vessels, which will save costs, make the use of the vessels more efficient and reduce carbon emissions.”

Ghazaleh Kia, R&D Project Manager at Seafar

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Why is 5G essential?

The expansion to 5G is necessary to scale up the project to increased operational deployment. 5G's low latency gives the captain of the vessel a full 360° view remotely thanks to VR and the ability to intervene without delay in case of problems. Another advantage of 5G over 4G is that it allows Orange to guarantee the necessary network performance to Seafar.

The partner

Name: e-BO Enterprises, Provinciale Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij West-Vlaanderen, Jan Yperman Ziekenhuis, Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen, KU Leuven

Sector: Health and Transportation & Logistics

Project description

Time is of utmost importance in medical care. Getting blood samples, medical equipment, medicine in time where it needs to be, saves lives. A drone network in the Westhoek region facilitating (urgent) medical transports between various healthcare organizations, their clients, and suppliers can help with these emergencies. To ensure maximum safety and reliability, the capabilities of the 5G network are used to intervene during the drone's operations and take manual control of the drone, for instance, when GPS/GNSS signals are lost or when a pilot needs visual contact with the surroundings during a specific flight. Transport over the air solves congestion and could be done automatically without using human resources.

This 5G project uses Orange Belgium's network and has been selected by the Federal Government of Economy for subsidies to accelerate the rollout and the implementation of 5G use cases in Belgium.

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